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Short Answer Questions
Universal Healthcare
Do you support a universal single-payer system to provide the most equitable and effective healthcare, serving both individual and public health needs?
Minimum Wage Increase
Do you support increasing the minimum wage in your jurisdiction to $15 an hour or higher?
Housing First
Do you believe that housing is a human right and do you support Housing First strategies?
Reproductive Healthcare
Do you support women's unrestricted access to reproductive healthcare?
Collective Bargaining
Do you support the right of public workers, excluding Military personnel, to bargain collectively and strike?
Gun Safety
Do you support stringent enforcement of the laws regulating the purchase, ownership, and possession of firearms (while respecting the rights of responsible gun owners)?
Charters Schools
Do you support the use of public funds toward charter schools?
Universal Basic Income
Do you believe the advent of automation will warrant a Universal Basic Income?
Ranked Choice Voting
Do you support Ranked Choice Voting?
Subsidized Housing
Do you support robust investment in publicly owned and subsidized housing?